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6 reasons to use Realty Exchange for tenant representation:

Posted: September 01, 2014 by Greta Weiderman

1) We know the market. We know how commercial leases should be priced in each sub market, and we can get you a fair price. We are also accustomed to negotiating, and can even score you a bargain. We also know the ins and outs of leases- there is much more to consider than monthly rent, including the amenities and allotted build-out budge. “It's not just about the lease rate, it's about the whole package,” said Ken Wedberg, a commercial agent at Realty Exchange.

2) We get to know you. We sit down and do a comprehensive assessment of what our clients have now, what they want, and what they absolutely need – learning about their dream spaces and must haves.

3) We learn your goals. Do you want to improve the quality of your space, improve your location, increase square footage in anticipation of future growth, or even reduce your rent?

4) We save you time. You don't do your own taxes, so why would you find your own business location? “It's a ton of leg work,” Wedberg said. “By having somebody quarterback that, it's a huge time savings.”

5) It's free. “There is generally no cost to the tenant,” Wedberg said. “Most commissions are paid for by the property owner.”

6) Why Realty Exchange? Simple – we are the largest independently owned commercial real estate firm in St. Louis. We make our own rules to best serve our clients.

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